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Here’s mijnomon aspiring designer, & art explorer.


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From putting bits of paper together to interactive installation designs, I have explored on all floors of creativity, innovation and design. I constantly seek to improve my skills and enjoys intelligence-stimulating conversations. 

I have 3.5 years of studio/agency working experience alongside 2 years of freelance design works. Graduated from GSA Comms Design BA(Hons), I am currently working as a 3D printing Adjunct Instructor and is looking to explore a perm/full-time position in Advertising, Branding, Design, Editorial, Digital Marketing & Marketing Communications.

Relevant roles:-
Senior Graphic Designer
Junior Art Director
Marcomms Executive
Digital Designer/Marketing Executive
Junior UI/UX Designer

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Somewhere in Singapore

Phone: +65 9859 0889
Email: mijnomon@gmail.com
Founded: November 18, 1994




Edition 15.9 Branding, Publication & Exhibition (2015)

Role/s: Branding – Marketing, Designer
        Publication – Editor

Top: Digital forms of branding
Bottom: Exhibit spaces at URA Building & Publication Drafts

We believe in the story.
We believe in humanising
the art piece instead of objectifying the person.
We believe its both designer and work that makes a mark. We believe in seeing more than just a pretty picture.

A designer’s work is the amalgamation of his experiences; a process, a story, something that goes on behind the scenes. But we see so much less than that.

A piece of work is more than just taking people at face value.
LAYERS is all about uncovering what’s within, to bare the real narrative, because we tend to forget the effort that goes into crafting the final piece.

Each piece is a reflection of the designer with all his quirks and all her thoughts intact, a time capsule of his very soul if you will.

GSA WIP Show 2019 Branding

Role: Branding – Designer

Inspiration sourced from Windows 95/98 Systems 

The show should reflect a process, an evolution of the works and the students.
This showcase focuses on students’ incomplete works to receive feedback from Industry experts and fellow peers to improve their designs & processes in their ideation. 

Delirium Film 2018 

Role: Lighting/Set Designer

Delirium – an acute mental disturbance characterized by confused thinking and disrupted attention accompanied by disordered speech and hallucinations.
An exploration of mental illnesses and expression of emotions with no words, just effects, mood, lighting & other techniques with music. Link